FIRST LOOK! Nicola Formichetti pop up store

Today I was lucky to be amongst the first people to see the Nicola Formichetti pop up store before it opens to the public. I took some photos for Interview Mag blog and met the man himself. He said liked my outfit, and I looked like a hypercolor obomindable snowman. So everybody was a winner. The store itself is brilliant, it's a collaboration between Gage/Clemenceau Architects, co-ordinated by BOFFO. Nicola has curated the store with his signature eye- lots of emerging designers that we know and love from NYC and beyond. There's heaps of stuff for Gaga fans in here, it's nice to see some of the outfits as the stylist imagined them to put together- he's is obviously a creative driving force behind the brand that is LG. CHECK IT OUT! ADRESS IS: 50 Walker Street, New York, NY 

All fotos by Ms. Fitz- feel free to use them on your blogs but remember to give a linkback. ;)

Nicola Formichetti in his icy cave- a collaboration between Gage/Clemenceau Architects, co-ordinated by BOFFO
VINTAGE VERSACE!!! And Zombie boy was playing this incredible video game which was the debut of the first ever virtual clothing store. The clothes aren't real, but you can purchase them to wear online. Yeah. I know. CRAZY HUH?
Recognisze the harnesses? Zana Bayne!!
The costumes from JUDAS
mmmm blingy
Leila gave Nicola a panda scarf, and he was a very happy little panda.

Love, Color and Chaos,