2011- A Very Fitzy Recap

What a year 2011 was, huh?

I've been stewing on it for a week, thinking back over the past twelve months - It was a tough but rewarding year, with plenty of hard work and some great payback. I thought I might as well do a recap, that way all my new readers can catch up on anything they missed, and my loyal amazing friends can look back at the big year that was 2011 for Ms Fitz.

I werqqed some looks and took the FAAASSHION GIF very seriously:

Photo: She is Frank
Photo: She is Frank

Some people said some nice things about me:
"One of New York's Coolest Influencers" 
- Refinery 29 (December 27, 2011)

"A fashion icon unto herself" 
- MTV Style (August 4, 2011)

I had some career highlights:

We flashed a full hairy bush to the world, and the world loved it.

Styled the Peaches and Cazwell video

Worked on this Hercules and Love Affair video
Me and my dog were stars on Dutch Children's television

Created this frightening Hekate editorial for Z!nk Magazine
Created the artwork for Chew Fu's album:

But by far the greatest achievement I enjoyed this year was finally being able to break away from styling and move into the design and performance world.

I launched my jewellery label!
Editors loved it <3

And..  drum roll please! I released my first single with Chew Fu!!
Directing the video 'n all.

That was a big one! Thank you all so much for being my friends and supporters over the past 12 months and beyond; I really appreciate having your love and encouragement.  I have a feeling that 2012 is going to bring some change, a bit of a shake up! Here's hoping that we all have happy and prosperous 2012 :)

Love, Color and Chaos!