Ms. Fitz and Witches of Bushwick Present: Second Annual Bushwick Gone Basel

Bushwick is a neighborhood filled with many talented artists who are consistently on the cusp of new trends, ideas and bold creative happenings -- in a lot of ways, the cultural zeitgeist. It's important that the commercial art world understands that we have a voice.

Born out of warehouses, DIY clubs and artistic collectives, this neighborhood's artists embody a raw and untethered creative spirit that is incredibly important in terms of the larger conversation regarding art and culture. Massive art fairs like Basel are commercialized and can be difficult for independent artists to showcase their work. 

So, in 2013 I came up with the idea for Bushwick Gone Basel, a showcase of burgeoning artists from our neighbourhood, Bushwick, at Miami Basel. By providing the platform at "Bushwick Gone Basel" we hoped to expose the beating heart of the underground to a larger audience. For two years running "Bushwick Gone Basel" has crashed Miami, bringing our own brand of unique DIY art party to the mainstream.

Read about the artists involved with Bushwick Gone Basel on this feature on the Huffington Post:
"Bushwick Gone Basel to Close Maimi Basel, 2014"

Here are some pics from the night ;) They may have tried to shut it down but true to form; we kept it going. Thank you to everyone involved!!

Pics by Rebecca Smeyne

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See you next year ;)

Love, Color and Chaos,