Let's Catch Up!

by Beto Ruiz Alonzo

Hi Cuties!!

So much to catch up on! Yes, I am still living large in NYC!! :D

Some things have changed over the past year- I've been working at NYLON Magazine for about ten months now- coordinating and producing the original photo shoots and videos for the NYLON Digital site, which has been so amaazing and rewarding! Also moving into production of their integrated sponsored content which is a really exciting and exploding element of digital landscape. I'd like to share more of my work on here; but I honestly just keep forgetting!

I'm still producing the CHROMAT runway shows at MILK each season; (see the New York Times coverage of our most recent show)

However- I wanted to share with you this amazing find! Digging through the archives at NYLON I stumbled upon this custom hand made Betsey Johnson piece made exclusively for the brand; but long forgotten! I had to get it on me :) :)

 Pics by Beto Ruiz Alonzo
Do you still love me like I love you??

Love, Color and Chaos,