New Work: Adore Delano "ICU" Music Video

I feel a tiny bit invested in the Drag Race phenomenon- not only as a die hard fan of the show, but also after working for Zaldy (Ru Paul's costume maker) for some time. I've since gone on to collaborate with a handful of the girls on their solo projects. I am impressed by SO many of the queens, and Adore holds a special RIOTGRRL place in my heart! So working with her on her new music video was a total PARTY ;)

You know I don't believe in fashion rules (ANY OF THEM) so the idea that a drag queen must wear heels, must wear sequins, lashes, dresses, must be hyper feminine is silly! And dated ;) We ended up with total Boy George and Anna Piaggi vibes for this video, called "ICU". 
Check it out!

Look 1
Collar + jeans: NODiscount
Shirt: HiMumImdead
Coat: Colin Locascio
Look 2:
Cap + latex shirt: Chromat
Jacket: VFILES
Look 3:
Mask: Dick and Virgil

Director: Santiago Felipe
Executive Producer David Charpentier
Project Manager: Michael Ventolo
Director of Photography: Keith ketwaroo
Editor: Daniel Gottschling
Grip: Sebastian Beckmann
Stylist: Claire Fitzsimmons (Ms. Fitz)
Set Design: Michelle Sutherland & Diego Montoya
Hair Stylist: William Schaedler

Love, Color and Chaos,